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"Feelings of Home: A need to simplify" Virtual Exhibition (On-View through 8/14)

Jul 10
9:00 am
5:00 pm

 "Feelings of Home: A need to simplify" pays homage to the matriarchal lineage, particularly in my family, as a reflection on the sacred spaces they cultivate. Imbued with protective magic, these sacred spaces are assembled through nature, numbers, patterns, and objects. This particular practice of space making calls its viewers to take pause and reflect on their own maternal surroundings and the ways they have existed within them. In this context “maternal surroundings” are not bound to the idea of a certain sex rather its the qualities of birthing receptivity, nurture, and sensuality, all expressed through the subtle realm and reinforced in the physical. Through this alchemical process I want to call attention to, not only, the unique ways that the black maternal lineage creates safety but also the synchronicity and rooted need for safety that we share.

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